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Enhancer is a group of experts and advisors in how to best direct, lead, structure and staff organizations, providing owners, boards and managers with a science-based organizational management system. We assist clients in the clarification of mission and strategy and the development of the organizational solutions required to optimize and better predict performance.

We have provided clients with a powerful and time efficient method to better understand and capture the organization’s full potential since 1998. The approach is built on a scientific norm and introduces a breakthrough in how to create transparency in organizational effectiveness.

We have advised more than 300 companies and organizations, both large public institutions and private companies, in the EU, Central Asia, India, China and the US. The team consists of senior consultants with high capability and extensive experience from both operational and consulting positions, with a network of partners (incl. franchise) both nationally and internationally.

Enhancers work with management teams and boards demonstrates remarkable improvements related to how the organization is directed, led and structured.


Ulf Lindberg, CEO Enhancer


The beautiful antique cabinets in the Enhancer office and his dialect shows that Ulf has his roots in Hälsingland in the north of Sweden. One of his interests, antiques, became the starting point for his entrepreneurship.

- Me and my friend started an auction firm. It went very well but after my studies I sold everything.


During school his big passion was sports. Ulf did his military service as a sergeant in the Marine Commandos and made his studies fast by completing three semesters in one. In 1975 he was offered a sales job in an American pharmaceutical company where he made a fast career and also early got responsibility for some of their clinical research. After seven years Pharmacia made an offer and Ulf said yes.


- At Pharmacia, that was a true global company, and strategically in the forefront in different areas I learned a lot. Within two years I became Head of a Global Business Unit.


1986 in a Slalom competition he broke his knee seriously and was off for one year, but he used his time well.


- I studied the most recent literature in strategy and management as well as in biotechnology and health care. When I came back I got responsibility for the global positioning to capture Pharmacia’s full potential. We developed the concept “Advancing The New Biology”. To ensure implementation I was promoted to Head of Communication and member of Executive Committee.

After Pharmacia I was the Head of a governmental sponsored organization, TBV for adult training. We started Eductus/Competencia that year three had a turnover of 30 MUSD and was the largest commercial player in the field.


1984 Ulf moved to the US to finance and build up a systems company in Retail. After writing an article about digitalization in Retail that received great attention he managed to get pilot installations in Wallmart and Sears and a partnership with the leading technology vendor.


- We also acquired the leading space and category management company.

In Canada he met a professor that had made a discovery that had much in common with research in the medical field. The discovery resulted in a theory and a norm for how to best direct and lead organizations.


- Here I got the explanation of many of my own experiences, when it had worked well and not.


This was the piece of the puzzle that become the start of Enhancer. Ulf says that a lot of what is described in leadership literature is describing how to make dysfunctional systems work. Treating symptoms instead of causes.


-There is a lack of understanding of root causes or natural phenomena, and hypothesis validated in controlled prospective studies. That leaves researchers and practitioners with methods based on trial and error and best practice and from retro prospective research. 

In Enhancer we claim that effective leadership is a matter of creating a functional system. It’s the system that needs to change, not the people. By using science based methods, functional and dynamic systems can be created.


It is with spirit and conviction Ulf is telling about his tools and the effect it has on clients. Ulf is giving lectures, moderates, and runs workshops during different circumstances, with successful leadership as its core.

- When I look forward I think that I have somewhat contributed to more foresighted and effective leadership of organizations not only in Sweden, Ulf says with obvious pride.

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